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Mermaid Leather

6 Woods St, Chadwick WA 6450

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Australia's only fish and shark leather expert ... born in the Golden Outback of Western Australia.

From the ocean and outback estuaries to style houses, Mermaid Leather produces distinct, visually appealing and strong fish and shark leather. Designers throughout Australia have embraced the delicate pattern of fish leather for its soft sensual texture yet robust strength.

Developed in 1989 in the beautiful coastal Golden Outback town of Esperance, Western Australia, two local anglers saw a need to recycle skins from the fish processing food industry. This environmentally friendly philosophy and sustainable outlook is the anchor behind Mermaid's family run organisation that prides itself on its exclusive handcrafted fish leather.

Visitors to Esperance can take pleasure in an unwinded check out to our studio enhanced by a multimedia discussion to discover the interesting procedure of tanning wild captured and farmed Barramundi, Snapper, Groper and Shark. Larger groups require to book in advance for a customised tour of the factory for a very little charge.

Our Mermaid Leather studio showcases quality bags, wallets and leather devices made under contract by Australian designers. We likewise produce a series of economical fish leather gifts and keepsakes in our studio workshop. We invite all Australian and International wholesale enquiries for our fish and shark leather products, providing exclusivity for select consumers.

About Mermaid Leather

Mermaid Leather's simple starts were motivated by professional anglers, R.W. Bubb and Andrew MacDermott in 1989 who saw a need to utilise wasted skins from the fish processing industry. Tanning fish skins was unprecedented at the time. Through extensive research and development over a 4 year period Mermaid Leather lastly accomplished a strong, visually appealing and relaxing to touch quality fish leather that could be utilised in a variety of distinct ways.

In 1994 Mermaid Leather ended up being completely commercial by buying commercial tanning drums and a plating machine for its ending up work. This increased its possible to tanning countless fish skins in a single year. Andrew's bro David joined the fish tanning force in 1997 assuming the role of tannery manager. Designers throughout Australia embraced this brand-new interesting quality leather while larger contracts for wholesale leather emerged.

Recently demand from the retail sector has triggered this family run organisation to develop a collection of distinct wallets and bags. Inspired by the stunning colours of the Golden Outback area of Esperance, Western Australia, they have successfully integrated fish and kangaroo leather to produce a modern-day yet classic design collection for discerning consumers throughout Australia and overseas.

Mermaid Leather prides itself on being the only commercial tannery in Australia that specialises in quality fish leather. It's distinct, its environmentally friendly and embodies the essence of the Golden Outback.

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